Project Madness

Our 1989 Mustang has been out test mule for quite some time,   purchased form it original owner in 1993.  Its  gone from stock bot -on mild performance parts to wild body changes.  Has seen some fun racing events all this in an effort to test parts and mods which we have sold thorough the years.

Its time now to re-vamp the looks and performance of our "little mule.   The last major change was the complete body of the now defunct GB Mustang of the early '00's.  The GB Mustang was a company who developed a retro look roadster prior to the '05 Ford Mustang release.  I was lucky enough to collaborate with the company in developing a very successful racing program to market their street version cars.

Our little Mule was one of the beneficiaries of the remaining parts of the GB Mustang company and we had the pleasure of fitting the panels to it and enjoy the looks for quite some time.

Its now time for change,   the little mule is such a great platform that includes lots of go fast suspension upgrades .  This time the little Mule will serve as a street/track car.

We start by removing all the fiberglass panels.  The GB Mustang used a 1 pc front end and 1 pc rear.  The front end simply unbolts and can be re-used.  The rear end is a completely different story.   The original roadsters witch also used the fox platform, had to have entire rear body removed in order to install the 1 pc rear end making it impossible to bring back to original.   In our case, as we wanted to have the ability to go back to stock (as we are doing today),  we cut the fiberglass panels and fitted them to the body.   Labor intense but worth it.

However, we did such a good job and fitting the panels that its now a real hassle to remove LOL.   The good news is that after a couple of days and several minor finger injuries its off.

The original plan called for a simple body and paint job but after looking at the engine bay it was evident that years of use had taken a toll. The engine bay needed to be re painted and good excuse to get the engine re freshened even though this engine is still running strong with less than 50k miles.  

The original GB Mustang rear end was 1” wider than the stock Mustang. We want really like the looks of the wide Mustang stance and the ability to mount beefy tires. We called Mier Racing and ordered a pair of their 1” rear fener flares. They are rather easy to install with some cutting involved but once they are on they really make a difference.

Our friends at Rafaels Body Shop took care of re installing, aligning amd custom fitting of parts including the lower door rocker panel that patched the contour of the old GB Mustang door cover (it a little wider and has a minor curve).

The standard fiberglass cowl hood on the 90’s and the slick LX bumper cover and the Saleen front spoiler was the choice even though this Mustang started life as a GT. Once we spray the car in a similar Eleonore gray, this project madess will look wicked.